Cable Ties – Packs of 25
15th September 2016
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21st September 2016
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Cable Ties – Packs of 100

Simply’s range of high quality cable ties are available in black, blue, green, red, white, yellow and silver. They come packaged in polythene bags with Simply header cards that incorporate a euro hole at the top.

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Simply’s range of high quality cable ties are available in multiple sizes and colours. These assorted trade bags contain 700 cable ties!

  • All cable ties can be tightened by hand
  • See Sizes & Colours tab for various colours and sizes available.

Sizes & Colours

2.5mm x 100mmBlackCT01
4.8mm x 160mmBlackCT02
4.8mm x 160mmWhiteCT02/WHITE
4.8mm x 200mmBlackCT03
4.8mm x 295mmBlackCT04
4.8mm x 370mmBlackCT05
4.8mm x 370mmWhiteCT05/WHITE
2.5mm x 200mmBlackCT08
2.5mm x 200mmWhiteCT08/WHITE
4.8mm x 430mmBlackCT12
4.8mm x 430mmWhiteCT12/WHITE
9.0mm x 530mmBlackCT13
9.0mm x 530mmWhiteCT13/WHITE
9.0mm x 710mmBlackCT14
7.6mm x 365mmBlackCT15
7.6mm x 365mmWhiteCT15/WHITE
4.8mm x 370mmSilverCT17